''Wishing you a life full of goodness''

Komathy was born in Jaffna – the capital of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province – and moved to Europe 33 years ago. Her childhood memories of family cooking were a way for her to stay connected with her homeland. ‘’Filled with these memories of food prepared by my mother and aunts I’ve gradually found ways of recreating the dishes of my childhood.’’

The Komathy’s Kitchen range now gives you the opportunity to experience the tastes of Sri Lanka in your home – flavours from this beautiful tropical island that are natural, healthy and vegan.

We hope you will enjoy Komathy’s Kitchen bringing some sunshine to your table.

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sri lankan inspired flavours


Curry Pastes

sauces - use as a sauce or dip


A Sri Lankan chicken curry cooked in no more than 20 minutes.

Komathy’s Kithcen Curry Paste blends the flavours of 12 spices in a sauce ready for you to cook.

A Sri Lankan seafood curry using mussels and Komathy’s Kitchen Curry Paste.

Cooking time no more than 10 minutes.

A Sri Lankan classic. Quick-fried squid finished with Komathy’s Kitchen Chilli Sauce.

Cooking time less than 10 minutes