experience the tastes of Sri Lanka

A Few Words

Komathy was born in Jaffna, capital of Sri Lanka's Northern Province.

As civil conflict intensified across the island, many of her relatives left during the 1980s.

Komathy herself settled in Germany before coming to the UK.

She was constantly filled with memories of the food being prepared by her mother and aunts and gradually she found ways to recreate the dishes as an authentic reminder of her childhood home.

The Komathy's Kitchen range now gives you the opportunity to experience the tastes of Sri Lanka in your home.

33 years after first leaving, Komathy returned to Sri Lanka, a trip she had promised herself for a long time.

For 10 months Komathy lived just outside Colombo and was busy establishing a network of friends and close contacts. As this was developing she suddenly had to return to the UK for family reasons.

During her time in Sri Lanka she resolved to help bring some prosperity to her new friends, the people of this wonderful, naturally beautiful island. Soon she started to cement links between the UK and S/L farms.

Komathy is now working with farms employing war widows, the Palmyrah Institute to bring business to the under-developed North, as well as working with the more established cashew nut producers, vanilla growers and cinnamon farmers.

Her aim is to heighten awareness of Sri Lankan food across the UK.

Consulting with chefs from Sri Lanka and Britain, Komathy has developed a range of recipes offering refined, authentic flavours from her homeland.

Her aim is to give Sri Lankan cuisine the same recognition as those from India, China, Japan, Thailand.........

In all of her work, Komathy only sources organic, sustainable, eco-friendly produce and only works with ethical, community focused companies.