Chilli squid- sri lankan style

komathy's Kitchen chilli sauce with quick-fried squid

  • Komathy’s Kitchen – Chilli sauce serving suggestion


Squid in chilli sauce, cooked Sri Lankan style in less than 10 minutes



250gm prepared squid

1 medium shallot – chopped

2-3 tablespoon of cooking oil

Handful coriander or curry leaves to taste

½ jar Komathy’s Kitchen chilli sauce.




Clean and wash the squid making sure all water has been removed

by patting dry with kitchen towel


In a medium pan, heat the oil                                                – 1 minute

Fry the shallot until soft and translucent                             – 2 minutes

Add the squid and quickly fry                                                  – 2-3 minutes

Add half jar (95g)of Komathy’s chilli sauce                        

mix well and  briefly fry                                                            – 30-40 seconds


Quick fry and garnish the fresh coriander leaves/curry leaves to taste.

Simply serve with a portion of rice or flatbread